"Dean has done an outstanding job introducing me to candidates, who were a perfect fit to what I was seeking at SunEdison Semiconductor. Dean is very gifted in identifying the right talent, the right personalities and knows exactly which people fit in which company cultures. He reads people well and earns their trust, I rate him very highly."

SVP, Chief Technology Officer, CTO

"Dean was instrumental in helping me build what ultimately became a world class quality organization. He took the time to thoroughly understand my goal in building a team that could demonstrate how the quality function could add to the bottom line. He was influential in helping me form the culture of the organization. His interviewing skills and matching methodology produces excellent results and I couldn't have had a better search partner and I highly recommend him."

Vice President, Operations and Quality

"Dean has been a true pleasure to work with. He has energy and passion that comes through in his interactions and makes the recruiting process much more productive and enjoyable. He brings insights and thoughtful advice that are invaluable to the candidate and the hiring manager alike. Dean truly gets to know the folks he's working with, something that really helps match the right people with the top jobs. I would not hesitate to work with Dean again, be it as an employer seeking top talent or an employee seeking a new opportunity."

Director, Yield, Integration and Technology Transfer

"Dean is methodical, detailed oriented and has great situational awareness. His experience in business and executive search and this makes him an invaluable resource to help clients meet their current and future needs. I have known Dean for the past few years and during this time I found Dean to be a hard working individual with high level of integrity and professionalism. I highly recommend him and his services as a professional recruiter."

Vice President, Manufacturing and Process Technology

"My experience with Dean Mannello and Sherwood Search has been excellent. They have wide knowledge of the semiconductor and other associated industries, which allows them to quickly mine the best available talent to interview. They have recently sourced two excellent processing specialists that were capable of starting quickly and coming up to speed rapidly. I am very happy with their services, and they will be my first choice as a recruiting firm for my next specialized and difficult position to fill."

Vice President, Foundry Services


"Dean and I met when he approached me with a unique opportunity with one of his clients. It was immediately clear that his level of detail and process for matching talent with opportunity set him apart from his peers. He has a coaching and communication style that is open, honest and direct and is very effective at surfacing motivations for change. I am very impressed with his understanding of people, organizations and technology. If you're looking for a highly effective technology search partner I highly recommend Dean Mannello."

Senior Director, Technology Research & Development

"Working with Dean has been a wonderful experience. He is not just a recruiter, but a mentor as well. He guided me through the process, helped set my expectations, and was straight forward and honest with me. I can highly recommend Dean, and look forward to working with him again in the future. "

Senior IT Manager, Information Technology Services

"Dean is truly unique in technical recruiting. He brings his technical experience and couples that with a deep understanding of his clients needs in terms of temperament and cultural fit. Dean takes the time to develop relationships and build trust with his shortlist of candidates and becomes an impartial sounding board as the process progresses. You can count on him to present an honest assessment throughout the process. I would recommend Dean for sourcing candidates that have to hit the ground running. He will ensure the candidates meet the cultural/behavioral, and technical requirements."

Senior Director of Engineering