Authenticity, truth, the need to be real. These are the values that are dominating the conversation today. The top candidates in the market need to be engaged, nurtured and cared for in order to differentiate your company. Our sole focus is to develop and share your story in an authentic and influential way that advances your brand and attracts the best candidates.


Shared thinking

Our understanding is directly related to the quality and quantity of sharing we do. The story we develop and share allows us to influence technical leaders raising their level of interest to engage in the process. We work together in real-time to accommodate any adjustments along the way.

Setting expectations

Retention forces may impede or eliminate your ability to hire top talent.  We will manage everyone's expectations creating a low anxiety process benefitting all stakeholders in the process. We continually ask what you're thinking to make sure we are on the same page with you.


When you engage us, we will be available 24x7. We will be honest, transparent and direct in our communication. When we engage candidates on your behalf there is an interest continuum buttressed by timely and accurate communication that will require your cooperation. There will be no better ambassador for your company.

Mutual agreement

Quality of hire and acquisition of your number one choice is the end goal of all our effort. Our methodology ensures that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of their role in the search process and the value they add to respectful negotiations. A great way to get a relationship started on the right track.