About Us

In a highly evolving marketplace with rapid business and technological change, it's no surprise that high-impact leadership and top talent are in high demand.

To respond to the challenge, companies need to dramatically increase hiring speed, deliver a great candidate experience, recalibrate their compensation expectations, and reignite their focus on 'selling candidates' to ensure that ‘quality of hire’ metrics are realized.

With talented recruiting professionals in short supply and high demand, Dean Mannello leads each search project bringing a track record of finding, attracting and delivering true difference makers to a select list of clients.

The drive for innovation puts new skills at a premium. To succeed in the competitive landscape for talent, Sherwood Search provides clients with deep domain expertise and business savvy in the recruitment process.

In a marketplace where talent seems visible everywhere and quality of hire becomes critical, going beyond the resume and interview becomes essential in a successful search project.

For the past two decades, clients' have trusted Sherwood Search to deal with the nuances of the search process and lead the recruitment and acquisition of true difference makers that enable their business and product strategies to succeed.