A 23-year veteran of executive search, Dean Mannello has a reputation for finding the perfect match for his clients. A lifelong member of the high technology community, Dean sees beyond the resume and is focused on the task of finding true difference makers for his clients.

Dean brings valuable business and technology insights from his roles in engineering and technical sales in the aerospace, defense, medical imaging, communications and consumer products industries. His experience included initital public offerings (IPO's) with three different technology companies.

Sherwood Search, LLC was founded to help companies attract and acquire high value, technical leadership and subject matter experts.

In a highly evolving marketplace with rapid business and technological change, it's no surprise that high impact leadership and top talent are in high demand and difficult to attract and acquire.

To succeed in the competitive landscape, companies are turning to experienced professionals to find, engage and assess technical leadership and engineering excellence in real time.

Assignments have generated over 15,000 interviews, more than 350 projects, both short list and real time presentations, a completion rate over 98% and the longest tenure of 17 years!

Technology is part of who we are. It's what we do.