About Us

In a highly evolving marketplace with rapid technological change, Sherwood Search, led by Dean Mannello, has been serving the needs of senior executives and investors in public, private and non-profit companies.

Using a high level of integrity and transparency, Dean is uncompromising direct and focuses on the task of finding the best match for his client.

Clients' trust his instincts and value his professional judgment and assessments. Assessments that uniquely and accurately align candidates to the organizational culture, the immediate needs of the leadership team and the acquisition timelines.

Sherwood Search capitalizes on diverse business and technical experience recruiting across functional areas essential to our client's success.

In a marketplace where talent seems visible everywhere and quality of hire becomes critical, going beyond the resume and interview becomes the cornerstone of a successful search project.

For the past two decades, clients' have trusted Sherwood Search to lead the recruitment and acquisition of true difference makers that enable their business and product strategies to succeed.