Bridging Leadership, Talent and Technology

The best-performing companies are fueled by innovation, creativity and highly effective leadership. Leadership that is sought out, engaged and acquired through a personal and professional process.

Sherwood Search, LLC is boutique executive search firm search firm with a long history of finding technical leadership for companies that create highly engineered products and services.

For over two decades clients' have hired uniquely qualified leadership and subject matter experts produced by our specialized research and assessment process.

Our functional expertise spans engineering, manufacturing, operations, finance, sales, marketing, corporate governance and trade compliance. We simply find uniquely qualified, superior leaders and technical talent companies perceive as unattainable.

We serve the specific needs of clients' senior leadership and investors as they define new strategies, develope new products, capture new markets, comply with regulations and create new partnerships.

How do you attract and acquire the best people that are not looking for you?

Through a trusted search partner, a guide, with the experience and track record committed to earning your trust through an exceptional performance and results.

Anyone can help you hire. Sherwood Search helps you build a culture of excellence.