Bridging Leadership, Talent and Technology

The best-performing companies are fueled by innovation, creativity and highly effective leadership. Leadership that is sought out, engaged and acquired through a personal and professional process.

Sherwood Search, LLC is a retained Executive Search firm specializing in the industry wide placement of High Technology Executives and Senior Professionals.

Our expertise is rooted in mid to senior level Technical Leadership in Engineering, Manufacturing, Operations, Quality, Regulatory, R&D, Sales, Marketing and Business Development.

Although the term High-Tech has been notoriously difficult to define, as Technology changes all the time, the essential doesn't change. We simply find exceptional leaders with deep business and technical acumen in a constantly changing marketplace.

We serve the specific needs of Senior Leadership and Investors as they define new strategies, develop new products, capture new revenue and comply with regulations.

How do you attract and acquire true difference makers to your organization?  

Through a search partner, a guide, who can develop and share your story in an authentic and influential way that advances your brand and attracts the best candidates.

It's not what we do that makes us different. It's the way we do it. That produces the results you desire.