Bridging Leadership, Talent and Technology

No matter what the economic environment, the best-performing companies are fueled by innovation and creativity led by highly effective leadership that is sought out, engaged and acquired through a highly personal and professional process.

For over two decades, Sherwood Search has been influential in the recruitment and acquisition of technical leaders engaged in the business and engineering of innovative products, services and infrastructure.

At Sherwood Search, we have the background and experience to evaluate leadership and technical competence in a variety applications and industry sectors.

Each search process is tuned to the specific needs of the organization and is continually adjusted to achieve optimum results for all stakeholders.

We match the best candidates to your leadership team, projects and your organization and are uniquely qualified to assist in building high performing teams.

How do you attract and acquire the top talent that is not looking for you?

Through a trusted search partner, a guide, who can identify, engage and influence true difference makers.

It's simply what separates us from the rest.